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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a long term positive environmental effect on the world's fresh water supply by becoming the world leader in Cooling Tower Water Conservation and wastewater reduction technology. We will achieve this through education, training, using the most advanced technology water treatment products available.


TERLYN Technologies, Inc. believes that water conservation starts one drop at a time through any and every measure possible. Collectively, the result is a mass global environmental, net positive impact.


Advanced Technology

Terlyn's CWT3 Treatment has a molecular bonding strength that is 30x higher than standard water treatments

This higher bonding strength raises the saturation point of the system water significantly.


A higher saturation point means that less water needs to be wasted to dilute the system to keep it below the saturation point to prevent scale formation. 


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Gov't Approved

Terlyn's Water Conservation Program Approved For Denver Federal Center

Multi-Agency collaboration to determine best treatment for reducing cooling tower water waste.


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Water Conservation

How Does the terlyn conservation program compare to standard water treatment?

The Terlyn Conservation Program uses the same three-treatment system as standard water treatment.


The greatest difference in the two treatment systems is the amount of water that must be wasted in order to keep the systems free of scale formation.


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Savings Calculator

calculate how much water savings you can expect by using the terlyn program

Compare your current water treatment system's water use to the Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program.


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How It Works

See exactly how the terlyn Cooling Tower Water conservation program works in comprehensive detail.

Although our water conservation is unmatched, the Terlyn Conservation Program is almost identical to a traditional water treatment program.


Dramatically increased system water saturation point is the secret behind the water conservation success of the Terlyn Program.


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Case Studies

Terlyn cooling tower water conservation program case studies

See the actual savings that cooling tower systems have achieved over multiple years as a result of uprading to the TERLYN Program.


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